JBC International

JBC naturals, the 100 % natural and bio friendly products are produced and supplied by the company, JBC international, based in Southern India, the place where the highest quality of Coir fibers are produced. The Floor Coverings, Erosion Control products and Horticulture products made by JBC covers the highest standards and are shipped to almost all Continents. The Coir Geofabrics and Coir fiber logs are widely preferred by environmentally sensitive planners of erosion control and are proved as effective products for "Protecting Nature, Naturally".

Featured Products

We are specialist in the manufacture and Exports of Soil Erosion Control Products, Horticulture Peat and Floor Coverings, made of 100% natural Coir (coconut) Jute Fibers & Rubber. The production facilities of the company cover the highest standards. We are keen to assist our customers with new and novel products to meet the market needs. Our products are typically made in Hand Looms...