Coir Fiber Logs

Coir fiber logs are made from 100% natural coir fiber and covered by strong coir nettings. They are ideal selection for stream bank and shoreline stabilization. Coir fiber logs protect shorelines by reducing wave energy and safely maintaining lakeshore behind them. The coconut fiber in the logs provides a medium for the effective establishment of aquatic vegetation and over time, they will blend naturally into the aquatic environment . Numerous plants can be planted in logs and thereby creating a pleasing natural method of shore line protection. The flexible coir logs are ideal for lakes where water levels and wave action fluctuate and they are also easier to install.

They come in various diameters like 20, 30, 40 & 50 cms & 3, 4, 6 meter length. Coir logs are also available in polypropylene nettings.


coir fiber log

20 inch coir logs at Narrow River, South Kingston, RI. Application – reduce wave energy from tidal flows in river, and wakes from motor boat traffic impacting eroding river bank.

coir fiber log
coir fiber log application