Coir Loop Fabrics

Coir loop fabrics are three dimensional mesh proposed to use at places where vegetation is difficult to be established and sandy nature of site where erosion is very high. The loop structure of the fabrics hold the seeds securely in place while entrapping live fragments of upstream vegetation. They are also used for sediment control. They typically have 9kN/m wet strength and are biodegradable after 3 years or longer. Available in various qualities from 900to 1400 gm/, in convenient rolls.


 The biodegradable woven coir 'Loop mat' combines durability and strength that holds soil in place that is subject to moderate erosion energies.
  The loops of the matting allow sown seeds to establish a 'nurse-cover' while natural Species colonise trapped on its rough surface.
  Loopmat is easy to use and lay on site and degrades once the plants have established.